Old House Designs for New Construction

Making a new old house soon became a classic and is now used by traditional building companies as a script of best practices. In this book, Russell outlines his approach to designing a new home that looks and feels old, using a series of principles that he calls the eight pillars of traditional design. These principles are illustrated in homes designed in the region’s American style by today’s best new home architects. Creating a new, old house shows how a new, traditional house gives fresh treatments to a well-equipped historical style that fits the way we live today.

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These modern outdoor chairs offer quirky accompaniment, especially with a traditional brown-toned rug. You can match the color of the wall to the sofa only if the sofa is standing in an isolated place as seen here. You don’t want the couch to be disguised as you can’t find it! Large sofas can be offset with bold accent chairs.

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